Name is Buren Foster and I have had photography in my background since I was in middle school and since then, I pretty much photographed it all.  Currently, I am a photographer with the federal government which sends me all around the world to work and instruct.  For you reading pleasure on my background please click on the the following link. https://people.com/crime/fbi-crime-scene-photographer-opens-up-job/.  In addition to my full time photographer profession, my wife and I started Buren Foster Photography back in 2006 to get more creative with my photography.  We specialized our business to the senior portrait clients and became very successful in that field.  With that came opportunities for other types of photography and started to do weddings, families, newborns, maternity and sports.  We are currently slowly backing away from the above types of photography.  However, we will do them on case by case basis.  With that said, I'm focusing my business mainly to real estate photography.  

Now here's a little something about me on a personal level:

My wife would describe me as being a carefree soul, one than can roll with the punches and able to adapt to any situation with a smile on my face. I would describe myself as someone who likes to have fun and doesn’t sweat the little things. I am the primary shooter, the leader, the front man (I like that analogy because I have always imagined myself as the lead singer of a rock band; those that know me know who I am referring to). Photography is my passion and I truly believe that if you do what you love, success will follow.

Thank you for your interest,

Buren Foster

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