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We are the Fosters, a husband and wife photography team who love people, weddings, and capturing
the moments and memories created by them. Our different photography styles, techniques, and
creative views work perfectly together to produce not just pictures, but the story behind them.

Together we have shared most of the experiences our clients have experienced. We understand the
importance of preserving memories. True love, a new baby, a growing family, or just a day at the beach with the ones you love are the priceless moments we all want to freeze in time and experience all over again, just by looking at a photograph. This is our goal. 

From the moment we meet you, we want to get to know you, learn what brings you joy in life, and understand what you want from your photographs. We want to create a unique experience and give you photographs that will allow you to relive these special moments and emotions you experienced that day.  

The best part of what we do is knowing when we meet new clients, we are normally meeting new friends. The time we spend together getting to know you and sharing your experiences naturally forms a bond we hope will last for years to come!

Burnie:Jen would describe me as being a carefree soul, one than can roll with the punches and able to adapt to any situation with a smile on my face. I would describe myself as someone who likes to have fun and doesn’t sweat the little things. I am the primary shooter, the leader, the front man (I like that analogy because I have always imagined myself as the lead singer of a rock band; those that know me know who I am referring to). Photography is my passion and I truly believe that if you do what you love, success will follow.

Jen: Burnie would describe me as being a bit “wound up,” super excitable, and very detailed. He would also say I wear my heart on my sleeve, probably because I am a romantic at heart and enjoy a good love story.I would describe myself as being a lover of animals, all sweets, the beach, and family means the most. I love, love what I do for our business. Most of my contribution is in the background details: answering the phone, answering emails, scheduling, and my favorite…creating unique sessions and finding that perfect location! I am Burnie’s side kick of the day, and I love the opportunity to be second shooter. I get to capture the candid moments when no one is looking. I hope to capture yours one day.